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Funerals & Memorials

As a professionally trained celebrant, I will craft a funeral service that truly captures the essence of your loved one. Whether it is religious or not is absolutely your choice. Whether that be a cremation, burial, interment of ashes or memorial service I can also create a beautiful ceremony which can be held at any venue of your choice.

Memorials can be an opportunity to have the funeral your loved one was denied, for example, due to Covid19. Or to mark the anniversary of their passing. Often slightly longer than a standard funeral service and held at the client’s venue of choice, it can include music and readings and offers an opportunity to say a proper goodbye.

Funerals from £220.00 Memorials £275.00 Interment of Ashes (unless booked with the funeral service) £150.00

A discount may be available when services are ordered at the same time. 

Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a wonderful celebration, dedicated to the arrival of your child (or children), including adoption. Typically, the event includes a personalised ceremony, where guardians/life-guides (or whatever they wish to be called) are acknowledged. Personal readings or poems are included (like you would at a Christening). It follows a similar format to a Christening but isn’t in a religious location and does not include religious content (unless you want to). There are several reasons why you might choose a naming ceremony over a Christening, such as if you or your partner aren’t religious, you want to use a non-religious venue (including in the garden or at home if you wish) or you feel religion is a personal choice for a child once old enough to decide for him/herself. Using a Celebrant such as myself means you can have more say in the creative process while hosting a truly unique and beautiful “welcome to the family” event. If you would like a peek into a Naming Day Ceremony click here

Baby naming ceremony £275.00

Weddings & Vow Renewals

I don’t do “ordinary”. I do personality! I am known as being lighthearted yet in my “other role” I am a end-of-life midwife, a shamanic healer and counsellor, a naturopathic nutritional advisor and Reiki master so any wedding ceremony crafted by me will have not just lots of giggles but also oodles of symbolic ritual and ceremony. It will be a ceremony that you and your guests will remember forever. When using a Celebrant such as myself you can have your ceremony anywhere you like – that may be in a hotel or village hall but it might also be at home, in the garden, on a beach or even in a wood! If you haven’t already, you just need to get the “legal bit” out of the way beforehand. All that involves is a quick visit to the registrars, say a few words and that’s it, you’re married. Then you are free to have the epic “ceremony” of your dreams wherever and whenever you want.

If you would like a peek into an outdoor summer wedding take a look at my blog post here

I actively welcome same-sex unions and as an Independent Celebrant, I am not restricted by religion, customs, or race.

Weddings & Vow Renewals from £550 (costs vary dependent on location, time of year, time of day of service – ask for more details)

Please note: Ceremonies 30 miles or more from Long Buckby (NN6 7WE) may be liable to a travel fee of 45p per mile (after the first thirty miles). No date is “booked” until a 50% deposit has been paid with the remainder due no less than 30 days prior to the event (except for funerals).