My Story

A Celebrant For All Ages

I love people. I love listening to their stories, the tales of their life and loves and yes, these often include their losses. But those stories, even the ones pitted with tragedy or pain are what has created these wonderful and special people. I firmly believe we are all “perfectly imperfect”! 

I was in my 20’s when I realised that I not only wanted but needed to be of service, to be of help to people, and to help them heal. In that youthful enthusiasm I thought that “healing” was purely physical but with age has come understanding; that serving and healing can take many forms.

Mental, emotional, and energetic elements are all equally as important. So for me, “true” service and healing can be as simple as: listening, to that person who is wracked with pain from the passing of a loved one and then writing and delivering an empathetic and tailored funeral, memorial or interment of ashes service.

Or, supporting a couple by crafting a ritual and love-filled wedding or hand-fasting ceremony.

Or, helping a family welcome in that new arrival they so desperately dreamt of with a rich and joyful naming ceremony.

Or, cementing a lifelong relationship by performing a renewal of a couple’s vows to take them into the future.

I can create any ceremony that you desire and my life experience means I can tailor that to suite your style… If you want a wedding ceremony thats formal, or traditional, or lighthearted, or full of giggles, or religious, or full of ritual and ceremony – I can do all of that.

If you want a funeral service that’s non-religious or religious or lighthearted or more traditional and formal – I can do that.

I am often not what people are visually expecting, people’s image of a celebrant can be quite “crusty”, and I am definitely not that!  I’m a bit of a rebel on the quiet and so when I originally qualified in accountancy I realised quickly I had made a mistake as it was far too “stuffy” and moved into alternative therapies; qualifying in Kinesiology and as a reflexologist and Naturopathic Nutritional Advisor and then grew into crystal healing and Reiki and Shamanic Energy Healing & Counselling,  Distance healing, as well as Tarot and all mixed in with a bit of teaching. And most recently I qualified as an End-of-Life Midwife/Death Doula –

You might be wondering on hearing that how on earth I ended up being a “Celebrant” as well for several years – well that’s a story in itself! One I’ll happily share with you when we meet. What I will say now, is all that past experience brings an understanding, empathy, colour and flavour to everything I do. 

I look forward to being of service to you and yours. 

Until we meet…