My Story

A Celebrant For All Ages

I love people. I love listening to their stories, the tales of their life and loves and yes, these often include their losses. But those stories, even the ones pitted with tragedy and pain are what has created that wonderful person asking for help.

I was in my 20’s when I realised that I wanted to serve, to help people, to help them heal. In that youthful enthusiasm I thought that “healing” was purely physical but with age has come understanding; that healing can take many forms. Mental, emotional, and energetic health are all as important. So “true” healing can be as simple as: listening, to that person who is wracked with pain from the passing of a loved one or, helping a young couple heal their heart by crafting a ritual and love-filled ceremony. Or helping a family welcome in that new arrival they so desperately dreamt of with a rich and joyful naming ceremony or, healing a rift, in a marriage, by performing a renewal of a couple’s vows to take them into the future.

I am a bit of a rebel on the quiet and my lifestyle is probably thought of by some as “unusual” but unusual in my book is a good thing. It brings colour and flavour to everything we do. I am blessed to have two “bases”, one in the border city of Carlisle only 20 minutes from the Lake District and the other in the central Midlands not far from Northampton and in both locations I combine being a Celebrant with my other role as a Shamanic counsellor, Naturopathic Nutritional Advisor and Transformational Energy Healer.