This week has been full of mixed emotions.  Excitement, joy and more than a little sadness.

When I qualified as a Celebrant I remember saying to the Tutor, “I have absolutely no interest in or intention of conducting funerals”. As far as I was concerned I was in this for the “fun stuff”. Back then, by “fun stuff” I meant weddings and baby blessings, naming ceremonies and vow renewals. But you know what they say, “if you want to make The Universe laugh, make plans”. Well, I can still hear it laughing…

Yes, I have been blessed to conduct some very lovely weddings and I have had oodles of fun at baby naming and blessing ceremonies but the majority of my Celebrant life has been spent within the sacred walls of crematoriums.

I have had the privilege of being a Celebrant through one of the greatest pandemics seen in our lifetime. But what I have learnt during this time is the intense peace of the Soul that comes from being of service during others darkest hours. I have conducted ceremonies where there has been great laughter and joy as well as tears. A true Celebration of Life of their loved one. I have experienced intense sadness myself when conducting ceremonies for small children yet felt acutely the relief of families when a very sick or elderly loved one who was in great pain, has finally surrendered. I have seen much beauty in death, how it can draw us all close through the magic of music, poetry and the human voice…

So why have I felt so much emotion this week? Because it is time to leave the lovely city of Carlisle and very beautiful county of Cumbria.

And instead, I get to say a big “hello”  and “lovely to meet you” to the people of The Midlands. In particular to a lovely village called Long Buckby. A new revolution on this cycle of life and an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

But it’s also “au revoir” (until next time) and not “goodbye” for I have weddings and baby naming ceremonies booked in until next Spring so I will be returning from time to time for those.

But more than anything I want to say a mahoosive thank you to all those families who have allowed me to represent them and their loved one. It has been a privilege and an honour.

Adrienne x